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Learning outcomes

Systematic definitions of what students should know after going through learning units, courses and the entire study.

Learning units

Comprehensive educational blocks leading to knowledge outcomes and mostly respecting chronological and logical succession, regardless of extent and type of education.

Learning outcome register

On-line tool for the creation and subsequent updates of learning outcomes and all of their parameters.

Learning unit register

On-line tool for a complex administration of learning units which describe the education in the subject of General Medicine.

OPTIMED browser

On-line tool for searching through the available contents of the OPTIMED portal.

OPTIMED reporting

Reporting tools were developed in order to provide a real time visual analytics service. The module covers various reports and analysis in a form of interactive graphs and tables.


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Portal OPTIMED - optimization of General medicine study field [online], FM MU, [cit.27. 05. 2020].
Available from WWW: http://opti.med.muni.cz. ISSN 2336-6648. Version 2.1 [2016].